We were invited to create an artwork for the Mixity Europeannes 2017 in Brussels. In this project 60 artists create an artwork that will be printed at 295 cm x 150 cm and placed on fences in the European quarter of Brussels, with the theme of European Identity.

What we found interesting was that some of our international friends had almost the same experiences and adventures growing up as we had. It ranged from the clothes we wore, the music we listened to, to the way we spent our spare time. From our experiences, we feel that the European borders are merely formal borders. We feel really connected to our foreign friends, so we feel that we are one. 
We took that insight as a starting point for our artwork. 
We wanted to show that our outside, what we look like, is just a piece of wrapping paper. From the inside, we are all alike. We just want to be happy, love and be loved. 

In our artwork we wanted to give the viewer a sense of two elements; an inside and an obvious outside. With the brownish tones we refer to a range of skin tones and display it as a peel coming off. For the “inside” we chose a bright and positive blue, referring to heaven and openness. 

And aren’t we all, for the most part, just water? 
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