This series happened accidentally..

One day Rutger needed new headshots - and since pinkish colours are his favourite we decided to paint a t-shirt and sunglasses and picked our background colours. We made around 100 pictures from which 20 captured his person the best. Job done - a nice set of headshots was the result.
But then… the picture where he was hoovering over the table, with a very confused facial expression, caught our attention. We could literally see an angel and a devil on his shoulders. 
We sketched it out really quickly and jumped to Cinema4D to create elements representing the devil and angel. We had a lot of fun with this happy accident and the spontaneous idea sparked our imagination a bit more. We ended up creating 3 more sketches where we saw obvious interaction with an element, which just wasn’t there yet.
We explored some ideas with quick sketches, within the theme of emotions such as confusion, confidence and the feeling of being tempted. We felt these emotions and feelings are a power we can’t grasp and we enjoyed the metaphor of god as the creator of these emotions.

So there it is, our photo series where we explored and combined our crafts of photography, set design and CGI: ‘Oh My God’

Disclaimer: Please note that Rutger doesn’t think he’s a god. (He does like to act like one sometimes though.)
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