Op zoek naar de ziel
Cover illustration for Filosofie Magazine depicting the search for the soul. This issue’s dossier contains a brief history of the soul, from Homerus to Kafka. And Ole Martin Høystad talks about why and how he thins we should become friends with our souls.
Cover illustration for VPRO Gids about the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games.
Lekker zit tussen je oren
'Taste is between your ears'. Whether we like a certain food is more determined by our brain than by taste, smell, touch and sight. Our experiences help define if something makes us drool or not. Illustration for AD Magazine.
Let's Meet in the Middle
Personal project that resulted in rediscovering my passion for papercraft
Cover illustration for VPRO Gids about 'Blokken', a tv show based on Tetris. The lovely Jona Rotting asked me to work with him and translate an idea of his into paper. And so I did. Loved working on this together! Concept + design: Jona Rotting Illustration: Anna Bay
En het is een...
Another lovely project to work on! Ouders van Nu asked me to illustrate sixteen very diverse childbirth stories for a special about giving birth. I loved helping these stories come to life, making a big impact with something small and fragile. Like babies do :)
What an awesome project this was! Plint asked me to illustrate a whole magazine filled with poems for children from 6-106. Which made for this dreamy, soft and sweet world, built from paper, spices and rocks.
Low Legacy Arch Runner
Rutger Paulusse and I joined forces to design a papercraft set around Filling Pieces' Low Legacy Arch Runner. This was so much fun! After watching him make countless cg images I loved watching Rutger's work come to life in the real world. Unfortunately our work was never used, but I love the way it turned out!
In my Element
Earth, air, water and fire, crafted from four 7x14 cm strips of paper.
I guess it's no surprise I like wrapping presents. Did a whole bunch for AD Magazine, as their latest issue featured a convenient gift guide, with a tip for every age from 0 to 80. I designed the gift boxes to fit the numbers used in their gift special. A few of them made it to the cover of the magazine.
Life's a Beach
A-mag asked me to make a stunning cover illustration for their summer issue, filled with tips about Amsterdam's sandy hotspots and beaches in its vicinity. So I did :) Beach houses made out of paper, the beach is a mix of spices.
Sadako Sasaki
Sadako Sasaki was a Japanese girl who was two years old when an American atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, near her home. She is remembered through the story of the one thousand origami cranes she tried to fold before her death, and is a symbol of the innocent victims of nuclear warfare. Oh Comely asked me to illustrate their article about Sadako and make instructions to fold your own cranes. Tricky one, because of Japan's rich tradition in paper craft. I didn't want the illustration to look traditional, but refer to these beautiful traditions in a more modern way.
Crystal Christmas
Christmas card 2016
noun [mass noun] A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture) Pronunciation: /ˈhʊɡə/ /ˈh(j)uːɡə/
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