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Hi! Thanks for stopping by, I hope browsing through my creations brought you pleasure!
I have always enjoyed the little things. It started when I myself was a small girl, making my own stamps, clothes for my barbie dolls, tiny clay figurines and mini collages, cut with the smallest working scissors you can imagine.
Later, when I studied illustration at art academy St. Joost in Breda, my life drawing teacher gave me huge sheets of paper to draw on. But my nudes always ended up in just a small corner. And whenever I picked up a camera, I enjoyed it most with a macro lens attached. Seeking beauty in the details.
When I completed my studies in 2009 I started out with a plan for a book about small boobs. Which made me the proud winner of the Fiep Westendorp Stimuleringsprijs, landed me a TEDxAmsterdamWomen talk and skyrocketed my career. I have been working freelance ever since, illustrated and animated for numerous magazines, books, websites, conferences and companies like HEMA, WWF, Plint and de Volkskrant. Of course everything I make still starts as small as possible. Not only because it comes natural to me. But most of all because the difficulty it brings makes for the most beautiful flaws. It brings a design to life. Shows you the hand of it’s maker. My two right hands! And to top it all off, the concentration that is required to make tiny drawings, paintings and objects puts me in a meditative state of pure and enormous joy. What more can one ask for while working?

If you want to put my hands to work, please contact me through the email address above! This also works for praise, any random question, a friendly chat or to tip me about a size cliché that i left out. Thanks!
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