Reis naar het binnenste van mijn ziel
A portrait of Lisette Thooft, who tells us about her experiences with psychedelic therapy in Psychologie Magazine september 2016.
Kun je breken met je broer?
Psychologie Magazine wonders what it is like to break up with your sibling.
Small Illustrations for Psychologie Magazine's section Hoofdzaken
Haal meer uit je gevoeligheid
A guide on how to use high sensitivity to great advantage. An appendix in Psychologie Magazine, which I provided with illustrations.
Ik denk aan je
What to say to someone who is sick, for ZiN.
Stapje terug
Illustrations for ZiN about taking a step back workwise, which can also mean a step to the side.
Meer bereiken zonder moeite
Psychologie Magazine explains that you can work more effectively if you give yourself a limited amount of time for a single task.
Alles wat ik wil, is iemand die me ziet
A spread for online magazine 'Ik reis met bagage' about the fear not to be seen.
Hoofdzaken oktober
Married people do less sport. For Psychologie Magazine.
Health myths for RADAR+
Nieuwe Gezinnen Kalender
I paired up with Nathalie Simons to create a calendar about non-traditional families, containing 52 assignments, questions and tips.
Beeldend dagboek
Taxi's in Sidi Kaouki
Beeldend dagboek
Muzzle. Part of a project about violence I'm working on.
Werkschriftje - meer rust
Illustrations for a workbook that helps you develop a more calm lifestyle
Christmas cards
My christmas cards, with matching stamps!
Eerlijk zullen we alles delen... toch?
Managing money and marriage, for Kek Mama
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